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Target Groups


Press Manufacturers.

  • Pre-Press equipment suppliers and technologies.
  • Post-Press equipment and materials suppliers.
  • Paper, inks, plates and chemicals manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Printers.
  • Packaging materials manufacturers and suppliers.

7- Auxiliary equipment and spare parts manufacturers and suppliers.
8- Dealers and representatives of world suppliers.
9- Refurbished Printing Equipment.


1- Local Printers.
2- Local Manufacturers of equipment and materials.
3- Local Consumers of print products and packages.
4- International Buyers from:
  • Arab Countries.
  • African Countries.
  • European Countries.
  • Asian Countries.

Those international buyers are also classified as per the following print products categories targeted for promotions

  • Books and Magazines.
  • Commercial Prints.
  • Packaging Materials, Printed and non-Printed.
  • Paper, Inks, Plates and Chemicals.
  • Corrugated Carton Boxes.
  • Carton Board Boxes For Food & Medicine.
  • Flexible Packaging (Printed & Materials).
  • Kraft Paper Bags For Cement & Gypsum Packaging.
  • Paper Bags For Shopping, Gifts & Fast Food Labels.
  • Rubber Cylinders For All Industries Applications.
  • Packaging & Post Press Machines Produced By Egyptian Manufactures.
5- International visitors from all over the world who are interested in the business of printing and packaging and want    to have a close look at the Egyptian printing industry.

6- Reporters and editors from local and foreign media.

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