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Previous Exhibitions

Technoprint 2011

Technoprint 2011 is the extension of the success of the previous editions of Technoprint as the first and biggest Printing, Packaging and Advertising exhibition held in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

Over a space of 12500 Square Meter and more than 200 local and international exhibitors Technoprint 2011 is expecting more than 60000 local and international visitors during the days of the exhibition.

Technoprint 2011 explores all the new technologies in printing and packaging and gives a good opportunity to all companies working in all sectors to find their printing and packaging suppliers, also to get to know the latest ideas about advertising and communicate with many advertising agencies exhibiting in the exhibition. There is also a chance for those interested in buying new or used printing and packaging machines and get in contact directly with their suppliers.

Activities covered by the exhibition: -

  1. The printing industry.
  2. The Packaging industry.
  3. The advertising industry.
  4. Paper and carton industry.
  5. Inks and printing supplies.
  6. pre-printing and post-printing preparations .
  7. Software for printing industry.
  8. Stationary.
  9. Local production of Machine Industry.
  10. International companies for the production of printing machines of all brands
  11. Second hand Printing machines used by the specialized international companies.
  12. Safety Printing
The number of visitors was 50,000 visitors, including about 2000 visitors from around the world, especially Arab and African countries and some countries in Europe and America.

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Organized by Printing Industries CO-OP-TAG